Bauhaus Effects: Conference information

Bauhaus Effects 7, 8, 9th February 2019

National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Conference Description:

This will be the leading scholarly event in Ireland marking the centennial of the founding of the twentieth-century’s most influential school of art and design.



This event seeks to interrogate what might loosely be termed “Bauhaus effects” – those artistic and teaching practices that move us beyond the usual institutional claims and international enterprises and into geographies, territories and inhabitations of thinking as a practice of resistance.

The conference will assemble an interdisciplinary collection of discussions that analyse the repercussions of the legendary Bauhaus school in the hundred years since its inception, considering a broad range of practices  — including material analysis, models of pedagogy, composition, staging, design,  and interior systems.

We propose that the Bauhaus was not just a radical art school but in fact initiated a fundamental paradigm shift in culture whose import is ripe for assessment a century on.

Contributions are drawn from a wide range of perspectives, including urbanism, city and regional planning, architecture, art school pedagogy, art history, contemporary art practice and theory and diaspora/exile studies.


Bauhaus Effects and Contemporary Art

Given that this will be one of many conferences happening across the EU for the 100 year anniversary of the Bauhaus – for this particular strand of the conference we feel at liberty to bypass those hegemonic legacies of the Bauhaus that might lead to historical or nationalist claims being celebrated without being problematized.

Hence, the contribution to the conference from the School of Visual Culture, NCAD is a strand in the programme that will consider the legacies of the Bauhaus in the context of contemporary art. We will interrogate alternative geographies and ways of working, thinking more about inhabitations of discipline and “school” such as the artist-teacher, radical pedagogies, student bodies, and so on.


Conference Programme



Introductions and welcomes by the CONFERENCE TEAM/ AMBASSADOR etc.


Keynote 1: Heika Hanada, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany, CHAIR: PROF. KATHLEEN JAMES CHAKRABORTY

THURSDAY: 5:30 – 7pm




Panel 1: Bauhaus Effects in everyday life CHAIR: LISA GODSON

FRIDAY: 10:00 – 12pm


  • Andrew McNamara (Queensland University of Technology, Australia): Bauahus effects and contemporary art
  • Mariana Meneses Romero (Nottingham Trent University, UK): Vidal Sassoon and the Bauhaus
  • Kerry Meakin (Dublin Institute of Technology): The Bauhaus Effect on the Fundamentals of Window Display
  • Jonathan Foote (Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark): Toys and the Innocent Eye: Bauhaus Toys of the 1920s


Panel 2: Paradigm Shift CHAIR: Dr SABINE KRIEBEL

FRIDAY: 1:00 – 3:00pm


  • Patrick Roessler (Erfurt, Germany) “New typography”, the Bauhaus, and its Impact on Graphic Design
  • Dietrich Neuman (Brown University, USA) Space-Time and the Bauhaus
  • Aleksi Lohtaja (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) Bauhaus effects in political economy of Space and Sign
  • Jan Frohburg (University of Limerick) Bauhaus and Aircrafts


Panel 3: Bauhaus Aftershocks CHAIR: DECLAN LONG

FRIDAY: 3:30 – 5:30


  • Vanessa Troiano (City University of New York, USA) The “Bauhaus Idea” in Robert Rauschenberg’s Blueprints
  • Jordan Troeller (Berlin, Germany) Lucia Moholy in Turkey
  • Ruth Baumeister (Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark) Bauhaus Effects In and out of Scandinavia
  • Katharina Elvén (Stockholm, Sweden) Aspects of Doing – The Photographic and Photographed Activity at the Bauhaus





Panel 4: Bauhaus Effects through pedagogy CHAIR: FRANCIS HALSALL

SATURDAY: 9:30-11:00


  • Suzanne Strum: Knud Lönberg-Holm and Michigan
  • Ingrid Mayrhofer Hufnagl: Klee’s pedagogy and computational processing
  • Philip Glahn: Radical pedagogy of Bauhaus, art as social labor


Keynote 2: Irit Rogoff, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK


SATURDAY 11:30 – 1:00pm


Contributing Institutions:

Goethe Institut Dublin; National College of Ireland; National Gallery of Ireland ; University College Dublin; Dublin City Council; German Embassy; University College Cork

Organising Committee

Francis Halsall, NCAD

Kathleen James-Chakraborty, UCD

Thomas Lier, Goethe Institut

Sabine Kriebel, UCC

Declan Long, NCAD

Sarah Pierce, NCAD

Heidrun Rottke, Goethe Institut

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